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Valentine's Day is a fun day for the children and teachers.  It's not so fun when you've suddenly realized that you forgot to purchase your own cards!  You're off to the store (the night before Valentine's Day) at 10:00 p.m. on a cold winter night!  May it never happen to you again!  I have a freebie that you can use.  It includes two cards that print with COLOR ink and there are two cards that print with BLACK ink.  There is no need for scissors or fumbling with that awkward paper cutter.  All you need to do is print and fold twice.

The picture below show how to assemble the cards: 
Make a tent.  Fold again.
A toy can also be taped inside the card.  Write the sender and the recipient's name on the back.
A toy can be taped inside the card.

Click on the picture below to get the FREE Valentine's Day cards.
Free Valentine Cards
If you would like more Valentine's Day cards, I have a set for sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  The photo below shows what some of the BLACK ink cards look like.
BLACK ink Valentine cards
I used graphics created by Laura Strickland from her website,, to create these cards with.  If you would like to view these cards at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop, click on the picture below:
Happy Valentine's Day!

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