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Free Teaching Resource-August Calendar -Smart Notebook August Calendar

August is here!  Soon it will be time to go back to school.  Many teachers are busy decorating their classrooms and preparing for the first day of school.  Gone are the days when school began after Labor Day.  Today, many schools open a week or two before Labor Day.  To celebrate the beginning of a new school year, I decided to create an August calendar freebie packet.  In addition to the PDF packet, there is a SMART Notebook file that can be downloaded separately.  It is also free!  The SMART Notebook file can be used if you have this type of software available in your school.  You will need to use SMART Notebook 11 for the file to work properly.  A lower version of SMART Notebook will be incompatible.

I am happy to let you know that the graphics I used for both the PDF file and the .notebook file were created by Laura Strickland.  Her website is:

These files will download separately.  This packet is appropriate for first and second grade levels.  It is designed to help the teacher meet the following Common Core State Standard:  1.MD.C.4 - Measurement & Data Points.  Some of the images appear blurry due to compressing the file for faster web viewing.  They will not look this way when you open and print the file.  Here is what you get with the PDF:

You get an August calendar for the children to refer to when they are answering the questions from the other pages. Make enough copies of this so each student has one.

You also get a partially numbered calendar. Make copies and have the children fill in the missing numerals. This could be used as a quick assessment at the start of the school year to see which of your students can form numerals correctly as well as complete a numeric sequence. (I used the ABC Print font from Fonts4teachers for the numerals shown here.)

Students fill in the bubbles with the correct answer.  There isn't visual provided within the PDF to permit the children to know what will happen on August 21st from question # 3.  It will be up to the educator to think of an event for that date or she can use fact that there is a full moon on this date.  There is a visual provided in the SMART Notebook file for this.

There is a small scale version of the calendar on this page for the students to refer to.

Here is the link that gets you to everything above.  Calendar-Skills-Printables-August 2013 

Below are some slides from the SMART Notebook file.  There are a few review slides which I did not show here.  You have my permission to change the background color I used if what is shown does not suit your needs.

The numbers on this slide will move on and off the calendar.  Create your own calendar activities with this slide.

I used the object animation tool to create ovals that appear to change colors.  When an oval is touched, its color will appear to change to red or green.  An oval beside the correct answer will become green.  An oval that is incorrect will become red.

The numbers on the calendar shown on this slide will not move.  It is a screen captured image from the original.

Before students can answer questions # 1 and # 2, they will need to have an understanding of the concept of "first" and "last".  A good activity to complete beforehand is to play "Shuffle the Line".  Have the children form a line.  Ask a child to name the person that is first in line.  Ask another child to name the person that is last in line.  Have the children walk around the classroom.  Then have them get in line again.  Ask the questions again.  "Who is first in line?  Who is last in line?"  Repeat at least one more time.

Can't wait for the full "Blue Moon" although this one appears to be yellow.

I used the transparency feature instead of the highlighter tool to make the word, "August" stand out for this question.

This time I wanted the students to focus their attention on the number of "Saturdays" in August.

On this slide I "highlighted" the year 2013.  I also used the shape tool to make the star that is seen on the calendar. 

I "highlighted" a row on the calendar to show the number of days in one full week.

On this slide I alternated the colors in each row to make the "full" weeks in August show up.

All the days within the month are "highlighted" on this slide.

Using symbols and keys are important mapping skills for early elementary children to develop.  (This question is not included in the PDF file.)

Here is the link to get the free SMART Notebook file:  SMART_Notebook_Calendar_Activities_August 2013.

Lessons by Molly © 2013  All rights reserved.

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