Thursday, June 27, 2013

July Calendar Activities That Support Common Core Standards

It's almost July so I thought I'd make a freebie for you.  Are you teaching summer school?  Maybe you can use this next month.  It partially aligns with the "Measurement & Data" strand with the first grade Common Core Standards - Represent and interpret data.  CCSS.Math.Content1.MD.C.4.  Here's what my packet includes:
1.  Blank July calendar for students to write the numerals in the correct boxes.  (To facilitate higher level thinking, the blank calendar could also be used by the children to draw their own images, key, and questions with.)
2.  Partially blank July calendar for students to fill in the missing numerals.
3.  July image calendar with pictures located on specified dates.  (The images symbolize fictitious events that will take place in the month of July.)
4.  Eight questions related to the calendar with images.

The questions are printed on two pages.  The first sheet has a key displayed at the top that briefly describes the events in relation to the pictures displayed on the calendar.  The questions will require the students to refer to their own copy of the July image calendar.  Additionally, they will need to use the key that is displayed on the first sheet that the questions are printed on.  Some of the questions are designed for the students to make inferences.  All questions are in a multiple choice format.  While this activity is great for the month of July, you could use this file any month during the school year when working on calendar skills.  Please be aware that the small images on the image calendar may print light.  This may be a result of the original graphic size being significantly reduced by me.  The text and graphics come close to the left and right side of the pages.  Please be mindful of this as you prepare to print copies.       

Here's everything you get in this file.  Click the words:  July 2013 Calendar Activities.

Here are some close-ups of the file above. 
This is the image calendar.  It has pictures on specified dates which symbolize events that will take place.

The image above shows page one of the questions along with the picture key.

This is page 2 of the questions page.  Students need to refer to both the key on page 1 and the image calendar. 
This is the July 2013 calendar that is partially completed with numerals.  Students fill in the missing numerals.
This is the blank July 2013 calendar.  Students write the missing numerals in the appropriate boxes. 
If you have SMART Notebook software and a SMART board in your classroom, check back in a day or so for another free file designed to compliment this one. The SMART file will have some of the pages from this file scanned on to it. There may also be a SMART Response activity which can be used as a question & answer activity if you don't use SMART Responders.

Thank you to Laura Strickland of "My Cute Graphics" for all the images used to create this free product. Without her gifts, this product would not be possible. View her website at:
Some of the numeral font components used to create the partially completed numeric calendar were from Fonts 4 Teachers. View their website at

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