Sunday, May 19, 2013

June Calendar 2013 SMART Notebook File Freebie

Hi again!  I thought I would add a little something extra to the June calendar printable sheets.  This is a copy of the calendar as a SMART Notebook file.  It will permit you to show the children the calendar in large view as they use their printable copies. 

SMART boards are a great visual tool for the teacher to use.  They are also a fantastic modeling tool!

 Provide each child a copy of the printable calendar so that all children in your class are activity engaged as you display the copy of the calendar on the SMART board.  Scroll down to yesterday's post to get the printable pages.  I've included a few markers the kids can slide into the appropriate dates when you are marking events on the calendar.  You will need to have SMART Notebook 11 software installed on your computer for the file to work properly.

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Click on the words, SMART Notebook June Calendar 2013  to get the file.

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