Saturday, April 20, 2013

Earth Day Primary Free Teaching Resource

It's almost Earth Day!  Are you ready to celebrate with your class?  This time of year is so busy for teachers it's hard to find time to plan for this event.  Classroom "Earth Day" activities are worthwhile because they help direct children to becoming good stewards of our planet.  Science and Social Studies standards can be taught while celebrating Earth Day.  In Virginia, Earth Day activities connect well with the first grade Science standard 1.8 which is to discover the Earth's resources.

Here are a few time saving ideas for you to think about as you prepare for Earth Day with your class.  There's a freebie at the end of this post. 

1.  Use blue and green streamers to represent the water and the land.  Cut enough so each child has one blue and one green.  The children wave the streamers in the air (one color per hand) while you sing and listen to some Earth themed songs such as "Big Beautiful Planet" which can be found on Raffi's Rise and Shine album.  Below are links to where you can get the song.

iTunes - Big Beautiful Planet  Amazon - Big Beautiful Planet  Google Play - Big Beautiful Planet

Click on the photo to hear another great song for Earth Day.

2.  Make super simple Earth representations.  Use a large paper plate to trace circles on blue poster board or construction paper.  Make one circle for each child.  Provide children with green tissue paper squares to glue on planet Earth to represent the land.

This is green tissue paper but the photo caused it to loose its color.

3.  View nature-loving websites!   National Geographic Kids is a great way to motivate children to love and appreciate animals.  Their website has tons of videos for kids to watch on on mammals, fish, birds, and insects.  National Geographic Kids.

 4.  Wear "Earthy" themed clothing on Earth day.  Remind your students to do so as well.  Shirts with trees, flowers, or animals will work nicely.  I bought two inexpensive shirts.  One is green tie dyed and the other blue tie dyed.  I haven't decided which one I'll wear on Earth Day.  Hmm, will it be "Land" or "Sea"?

 5.  Freebie!  This printable will give you a little book for Earth Day.  Print it and read it to your class or make one for each of your students.  This book is in color.  I don't know how it will appear if you copy it with a black and white copy machine but you could try one and see what happens.  There is a link to another freebie within the freebie file.  The second freebie is for SMART Notebook.  You'll need SMART Notebook 11 software for the file to open properly.  This SMART Notebook file is identical to the book.  Sorry, there's no preview for it at this time.  I made the SMART Notebook file because I know some of you don't have access to a color printer.  I thought you might like to view the book on SMART Notebook if you can't print it.

I've included some directions for the freebie below.
Print the pages.  Copy single sided.
Fold all the pages.  Insert the folded pages into the cover page.  The folded sides face outward with the exception of the cover page.  The cover page is like a folder for the other pages to slip inside of.

Staple the side of the booklet shown in the picture.

Click on the front cover to get the freebie.

I've joined "Sunny Days in Second Grade" to celebrate Earth Day.  View her blog by clicking the image ABOVE to find more ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day with your students.  Click on the image BELOW to read another post connected to Earth Day.

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  1. I Love My Planet is a cute book! I printed it out this morning to use with my younger intervention students. They were very excited! Thanks for sharing! Your newest follower :)

    Read with Me ABC

  2. I'm thrilled to hear that you were able to use the booklet, "I Love My Planet" with some of your students. Thank you for sharing.