Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Teacher Has A Snow Day!

Have you ever braved the snow and ice to go to school because your district was not closed?  Then halfway there the car radio announces that your school had decided to cancel.  Don't you wish you knew that BEFORE you got out of your pajamas?  The latest snowfall left no room for doubt that there was going to be a snow day.  Or maybe two or three snow days!   
Sunset on one of winter's last days. 
 It's hard to believe that daylight savings has begun and winter is almost over but it was nice to say one last farewell to the cold weather. . . in a big way.  Here are a few more snapshots.
It looked so beautiful from my kitchen window.
But then I had to contend with this!
Here's my attempt at making a snow cave.
Time to conduct an investigation.  What do you get when you combine Kool-Aid with snow?

Snow, plus Kool-Aid equals sensory fun for kids!

It's fun to make "Snow Cones" from Kool-Aid.  Don't eat these!

I'm melting!
Farewell Mr. Snowman. I hope to see you again next winter.

It's time to go back inside and have the final cup of hot chocolate for the season.   Marshmallows are a "Must Have"!

The first day of spring is on March 20th.  That's just in ten days!  Are you ready for spring?  Here's a freebie to help you get prepared.  It's a copy of the nursery rhyme poem called, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.  I've also included the words in isolation which can be printed, cut and laminated for use in a pocket chart or as a table center.  There are sample pages from the freebie shown below.  If you don't know the poem, you can learn it with this link to Youtube.  For another perspective, try this link to Youtube.  Then click the words "Nursery Rhyme:  Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" to get the free item.   Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Yikes! Only 10 more days? I don't think I'm ready for spring. I don't want winter to end yet! (I think I'm in the minority, huh?) But I just need one more day of snow so I can try your KoolAid snow cones. Never thought of that. Yummy!


  2. Hi Julie!

    We don't actually eat them! We use it more as an investigation to see how the color of the snow changes when the Kool-Aid is added. Thank you for commenting.