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I have created a mailing list sign up form.  You will notice it on the left side bar of my blog.  It is for my monthly newsletter.  You will receive the newsletter through email.  Please allow up to 6 weeks from the time you sign up to receiving a mailing.  If you don't get it, check your "Social" and "Promotional" tabs through your email.


As a busy educator, I hate getting spam.  That is, email that I didn't ask for. My time is precious and I don't like to spend a minute of it deleting mail that I have no interest in.  I would not wish to be the source of such mail myself.  Unsolicited email is not my style and it's also against the law.  My mailing list is only for those that want to be included in the monthly newsletter.

Here are some questions and answers.  

1.  What do I need to do to sign up?

You will need to complete the form on the left sidebar of my blog.  The form must be completely and correctly filled out.  Otherwise, you will not be included in the newsletter.  You must include your first name and last name.  You must use your REAL first name and last name.  Abbreviations and initials are not accepted.  If you send your name in the form of initials, you will not be added to the newsletter group. 

2.  What will the monthly newsletter include?

I enjoy creating teaching resources for preschool through 2nd grade teachers and homeschooling parents.  I also love it when I am able to include freebies through links on my blog and downloads at my Teachers pay Teachers store.  One thing that I plan to include with the newsletters, are EXCLUSIVE freebies.  These freebies will only be available through links sent in the newsletter.  These freebies are intended for the newsletter subscribers.  They will not be available through links on my blog or Teachers pay Teachers store.  Freebies will not be derived from priced products at my store.  The links will have a limited "shelf life".  The "shelf life" is about 2 weeks.  After the expiration date, the links will no longer work.  The freebies will be combined with a larger file and sold at my shop when the links expire.

There will also be information about "Sizzling Summer Sales" at my Teachers pay Teachers store.  You will be given the date and time frames for these special sales which will occur one day in the month of June and one day in the month of July.

In addition to the freebie links and special sales, the newsletter will include teaching tips and ideas, information about my products, and giveaways.

3.  Will all the things mentioned in # 2 be included in every newsletter?

No.  The special sales information will only be included in the applicable months.  Additionally, it may not be possible for me to include a freebie in every newsletter.  Giveaways will take place a few times per year.  Giveaways will not be resulting from priced items from my store.  If you are the winner of a giveaway, you will receive an email notification from me. 

4.  When should I sign up for the newsletter?   The newsletter sign-ups are ongoing.  There is no deadline.  However, you will not be eligible to receive past mailings.  You will receive the next outgoing newsletter.  

5.  How do I know if this newsletter is right for me?

I can't answer that for you.  Here are some thoughts that might help you with your decision.  If you have utilized some of my free teaching resources and liked some of the ideas I have shared through this blog, the newsletter might be of use to you.  My products are geared toward preschool through 2nd grade.  If you teach within one of those grade levels, the newsletter will be relevant to your profession.   

6.  I'm not sure if I should I select "HTML" or "text" for the email?

If you are unsure, I recommend using the "HTML" choice.

7.  I signed up for the mailings and I am not receiving the newsletters.  What should I do?

If you are using Gmail, check your "Promotions" tab at the top.  If it's not there, try the "Social" tab.  If you still can't find it, check your Spam folder.  

Since you will not receive past newsletters, you will receive the next outgoing newsletter.  Usually the newsletters are sent once a month.  Therefore, if you sign up on the 2nd day of the month, and the newsletter was sent on the 1st day of the month, you will not see a newsletter until the following month.

Thank you!


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