IMPORTANT!  My files are my own work.  You may NOT share or post anything you find here.  This includes freebies.  

This page is for my free teaching resources.  Unless otherwise stated, these download as a PDF.  If it is a SMART Notebook 11 file, it will state this.  Follow the links on the left side to access the free files you wish to use.

When applicable, the blog post associated with the freebie is to right of the freebie link. (Just in case you need more information.) You may download them or responsibly save them on your own computer for use. These files are my own work and not part of a public domain source. Please do not post them on your own blog, website or school website. If you find my resources on another website, I would appreciate it if you would notify me.

Check back here often as I will add more items in the future.

 Items found only from this blog

 1. Valentine Card Samples BLOG
 2. "Pot of Gold" Pot Pattern BLOG
 3. Spring Basket Attribute Sort BLOG
 4. SMART Notebook Earth Day Printable Book  
 5. Earth Day Printable Book - "I Love My Planet" BLOG 
 6. April 2013 Calendar Skills BLOG 
 7. April 2013 Calendar-Numbered 
 8. May 2013 Calendar Skills
 9. May 2013 Calendar-Numbered
10. May 2013 Calendar-Partially Numbered 
11. June 2013 Calendar-Numbered BLOG
12. June 2013-Calendar Partially Numbered
13. June 2013 Calendar Skills
14. SMART Notebook June 2013 Calendar BLOG
15. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Poem & Pocket Chart Pieces BLOG
16. Tropical Flower Pattern BLOG
17. July 2013 Calendar with symbols BLOG
18. SMART Notebook 07/2013 Calendar & SMART Response BLOG
19.  Crayon-Bingo      BLOG  WILL RETURN IN AUG 2017
20.  SMART Notebook Crayon Bingo
21.  SMART Notebook August Calendar Activities  BLOG
22.  Calendar Skills Printables for August 2013 BLOG
23.  Writing Prompt "Once in a blue moon I . . . "  BLOG
24.  SMART Notebook Writing Prompt student model "Once in a blue moon . . . "
25.  Calendar Printable Sheets September 2016 through August 2017  BLOG
26.  Spooky Math Candy Sort  BLOG
27.  Spooky Math Candy Sort British Spelling BLOG
28.  The Teeny Tiny Bone Quiz BLOG
29.  The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything Quiz  BLOG
30.  Measuring Capacity with Jellybeans/Kidney Beans  BLOG
31.  PHOTOS - Environmental Plane Shapes  BLOG  
32.  Student-Created Graphic Organizers for NOUNS
33.  Large Calendar Chart  BLOG  
34.  Veterans Day Printable  BLOG

Free Items found at my Teachers pay Teachers store.  You will need to set up a FREE account with Teachers Pay Teachers in order to access the FREEBIES.
 1.  Johnny Appleseed Quiz  BLOG
 2.  SMART Notebook - Johnny Appleseed Quiz
 3.  Icy Addition Sorts  BLOG
 4.  Sight Words Egg Hunt Memory Game  BLOG
 5.  Courageous Cat Reading Passage and Quiz
 6.  SMART Notebook, SMART Response - Courageous Cat
 7.  Two Piece Puzzles - Farm Animal Adults and Babies
 8.  Sight Word Percentage Calculator  BLOG
 9.  Legend of the Poinsettia  BLOG
10. READING BOOKLET - Pumpkin Picking BLOG 
11.  Build-a-Teddy Pattern 
12.  100th Day of School  BLOG
13.  Saint Patrick's Day SMART Notebook
14.  PUZZLES - Saint Patrick's Day
15.  PUZZLES - Sight Words
16.  PUZZLES - Antonyms
17.  Alpha-Numeric Codes - End of the School Year
18.  Alpha-Numeric Codes - New Year's  BLOG
19.  Hall Passes - Dragonfly Theme  BLOG
20.  TASK CARDS - Recording Numerals 1-24 
22.  Sight Word Games on the SMART Board

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