Friday, February 3, 2017

Messages on Gift Bag Toppers

If you've visited Pinterest, you may have seen the gift bag toppers that are used to embellish treats created for students.  They usually include a cute and catchy phrase for the recipient to enjoy reading.  But written messages are not just embellishments on gifts.  They signify a specified reason to have a celebration.  They're like mini achievement certificates that tell children what they've accomplished.  

I've made some gift bag toppers for you.  Use the toppers to seal treat bags for your students as you celebrate reading next month (March) or whenever you desire to recognize students for their reading efforts!

I came up with the idea of using the idiom, ". . . Music to my ears."  (I probably saw is on a Valentine's Day cards!)  I've typed the phrase:
 "Listening to you read is MUSIC to my ears." 

I also made ones for "talk", "sing" and "play".  If you teach preschool, they're probably NOT ready to read!

I found some musical instrument toys at the DOLLAR TREE that worked perfectly.  You can grab the free gift bag toppers by clicking the image shown below or use the link HERE.

Keep reading if you need information about the materials needed and how to assemble.
Materials Needed:

1.  * musical instrument toys
2.  ** transparent plastic bags
3.  cardstock paper
4.  paper trimmer or scissors
5.  stapler
6.  printer with black ink

*The Dollar Tree musical instruments were five or six instruments per bag.  Guess what they cost?  ONE DOLLAR!  I put several instrument in one bag but this could easily be adapted to one or two instruments per bag.  I also bought some one dollar xylophones.

**The plastic bags I used are called "Archive Bags".  Why?  I'm not sure.  I'm going to take a guess that museums use them to store small artifacts.  Ha!  I purchased the archive bags at MICHAEL'S.  They measure 4.75 in X 6.75 or 12cm x 17.1 cm.  The cost of the bags (2017) was $3.69 and there are 45 bags included in the package.  Plastic sandwich bags work just as well.
Acid Free Archive Bags

1.  Print the desired pages.   
(Your printer settings should be at "actual size".)

2.  Cut in quarters.  (There are four toppers per page.)

3.  Fold to make tents.

4.  Address the backs of the toppers with the
 giver's name and the recipients' names.

5.  Put the toys in the bags.

6.  Wrap the toppers around the openings of the bags.

7.  Staple.

That's a wrap!  It's a treat and a message from the teacher all wrapped into one!

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