Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pledge of Allegiance Freebie and Civics Lessons

I have a freebie that might be helpful with your Civics unit for kindergarten through second grade.  They're for the Pledge of Allegiance.  You'll find the links to at the end of this post.

I live in the state of Virginia where the Virginia Standards of Learning are used for our core subjects as well as everything else.  The standards are frequently updated which helps keep them current.  But the downside of this is that when you've spent time developing lessons for a particular standard, you've come to expect that the revisions mean that some of your lessons become obsolete for the grade you teach!  

If you're a kindergarten, first, or second grade educator, you've noticed that the Social Sciences and History standards were updated in March of 2015.  You've probably started to implement them or will be doing so soon.  The Social Sciences and History standards have five strands within these grade levels:

                       1.  Skills
                       2.  History
                       3.  Geography
                       4.  Economics
                       5.  Civics

One of the standards through the Civics strand is about the Pledge of Allegiance.  Here's a snapshot of the objectives:

     Second grade
     Learn the words to the pledge and know its meaning.  
It is a traditional practice that honors and fosters patriotism in the United States of America.
     First grade:  
     Learn about the pledge.  
It is a patriotic tradition that honors the history and the people of the United States of America.
     Recognize the pledge.  
The Pledge Allegiance is said in recognition of the heritage of the United States of America.

If you teach kindergartners, you could create three recordingsTwo recordings could be familiar songs or nursery rhymes.  The third recording would be the pledge.  Play the recordings and ask your students to signal you when they hear the pledge.  This should fulfill the objective for recognizing the pledgeYou could also have them visually recognize the pledge by having them draw picturesThen sort the pictures.  See the photo below:


If you teach first or second grade, you'll need to do more.

I've made TWO freebie packets.  The first one is a pocket chart file with the word cards for the Pledge of Allegiance.  If that's all you need, click on the SECOND image.
Words to the Pledge of Allegiance on a Pocket Chart
Click on this image if you just want the pocket chart cards.

The other freebie has the pocket chart word cards PLUS posters (black ink and color ink versions) and a word search activity.  View the photos below.  If you want the file with everything included, click on the FINAL image shown below. 
Pledge of Allegiance Poster

The word search has words in horizontal and vertical positions.  Most of the words will intersect with at least one other word.  There are NO diagonal words.  Students might find other words that are not from the pledge within the word search.  They might want to impress you with their additional word finds! 
Pledge of Allegiance Word Search Activity
Click on this image if you want the pocket chart cards, posters, and word search.
The S.O.L.s for the Pledge of Allegiance are found under the Civics strand for the three grade levels I've mentioned in this post.   
Kindergarten - K.11-b
First Grade - 1.11
Second Grade - 2.13-b 

That's all for now!

Molly McMahon, Lessons by Molly