Saturday, October 22, 2016

Free Singular and Plural Nouns Sorting

Concongratulations to Maureen L. for winning the Ten Dollar TpT Gift Card!  Maureen, I've emailed you the code to your gift card.  Thank you everyone for entering the October giveaway.  Thank you also for pinning for me!  I'll have another giveaway this month (November) and there'll be no pinning involved! 

Pocket chart cards have been in existence for a long time.  In fact, they've been around for my entire teaching career!  They make great center activities and can also be used as a visual teaching tool.  Best of all, they require no technology!  Just print, cut and insert into your pocket chart.  

I am excited to mention that my newest FREE resource is a set of pocket chart cards.  Children can practice sorting singular and plural nouns.  Once students are proficient with the difference between the two types of nouns, number cards can be added to the center.  This will reinforce the idea that a singular noun is one person, animal, place, thing, or idea.

The photo above shows the color version of the pocket chart cards.  A black and white version is also included.  Here's a misconception that some students make about plural nouns:   

They think that plural nouns require a fixed number.   

They're taught that a singular noun is constantly ONE.  It's easy to understand why children would think that a plural noun would require a constant number as well.  Put this misconception to rest during the first lesson taught about plural nouns!  Expose students to groups of nouns that include two, three, four, and more items.  This will help clarify the rule:

Plural nouns include groups that have a quantity of two or more than two - more than one

UPDATE December 2016.  Sorry!  The freebie offer described below was for a limited time and has ended.  I might release it again in a few months.

This is an October themed freebie.  Grab it by clicking the image shown below.  Keep reading to enter a giveaway!

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