Monday, April 25, 2016

Shapes in the Environment Photos


If you are living on the East Coast I hope you have started to enjoy the spring weather.  Spring is beautiful in my state which is Virginia.  Here's a pot of petunias from Virginia!  I have more photos in this post and you get to use them for your classroom!

If you're a first grade educator in Virginia, you're probably getting your students excited about the final leg of the Standards of Learning that you'll be teaching. The Standards of Learning seem to constantly be revised.  Every few years, they're adjusted or new ones are added to your grade level.  Improving and sharpening the standards is important because we want to our students to be taught relevant and up-to-date skills.

As a teacher, it creates an extra challenge.  When we think we have developed the perfect resources and instruction for a particular objective . . . . the objective changes and we are back at the "Drawing Board".  The Standards of Learning for Mathematics are slated for revision during the summer of 2016.  We'll all be in the same boat as we adjust to the new objectives!

I've taken a sneak peek at one of the first grade standards that will be fine tuned.  Here's the current math standard which is under the Geometry thread:

1.13  "The student will construct, model, and describe objects in the environment as geometric shapes (triangle, rectangle, square, and circle) and explain the reasonableness of each choice."

The new one will be under the Measurement and Geometry thread.  It reads:

1.11 B "Identify and describe representation of circles, squares, rectangles, and triangle in different environments and explain reasoning."

I will mention that at this time, nothing has been finalized.  Therefore, this new standard might be adjusted.  It is currently in draft form.

The good news is that we can use opportunities that we have with our students outside of the classroom to teach them about shapes in different environments.  A field trip might be the perfect opportunity to do so.  Your parent chaperones can also help! 

I went for a walk with my camera and snapped some photos of squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles.  All of these photos were taken by me.  If you'd like, you may use them for classroom instruction.  No commercial use is permitted.  Please note that permission is for all photos from this post and not other parts of my blog. 

Right click any photo and select "SAVE IMAGE AS".  Then give the photo a name and save to a location on your computer or flash drive.  If you'd like, download this folder and get all 12 photos at once:  ENVIRONMENTAL PLANE SHAPES  

Rectangular Traffic Lights with Circular Signals

Circular Exit Location from a Drainage Pipe

Street Sign (Tilted Square)
Cement Squares
Brick Wall (Rectangles)

Negative Space Triangles through the Supports of a Bridge

Triangle at Top of Metal Structure and Negative Space Rectangles through the Split Rail Fence
Circles and Triangles on the Tractor's Wheel

Circular Hoops on Pavement

Circular Table Top
Circular Bottom of Potted Plant (See the first photo from this post.)
If you wanted to go a step further than the SOL, you could mention the solid figures such as the cylinder shape of the drainage pipe.  The standard is for the four basic plane geometric figures.

I hope these photos have given you a few ideas on how you can use every day opportunities to expose your students to circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles in different environments.  Maybe your students will find some shapes that I missed!

Lessons by Molly © 2016  All rights reserved.

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