Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Leap Year Leap Day

We like to honor our students on their birthdays with a special treat or certificate.  Chances are you'll have a student that is born on February 29th at some point during your teaching career.  If it's a leap year, the child will be able to celebrate his/her birthday on the actual date.  But most years are not leap years and you'll have to do a "work-around" to make a child feel special of on his/her missing birth-date.  Usually that ends up being on February 28th or March 1st.

I've made some birthday certificates for students born on February 29thThe certificates can be used when it's not a leap year and there are some for the next leap year which is the year 2020.  Click on the third image to download this FREEBIE from my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.

Color Birthday Certificate (Use when it's not a leap year.)

Black and White Birthday Certificate (Use when it's not a leap year.)
Click the image to get my FREE certificates for February 29th birthdays.
Keep reading if you like trivia!

Here's some leap year trivia:  Do you think leap year is every 4 years?  Well, almost.  While it's true that a leap year must be divisible by 4, it's not the only requirement.  According to a Gregorian calendar, the beginning of a new century must also be divisible by 400 in order to qualify as a leap year.  The year 2000 was a leap year because it's divisible by 400.  The next century will begin in 2100 and it won't be a leap year because 2100 is not divisible by 400!  A child born on February 29, 2096 will have to wait EIGHT years before his birth-date is on the calendar. 

Happy Leap Day . . . or not.

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