Thursday, December 17, 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas Math

It's the Christmas season and that means it's time to sing holiday carols!  I love almost all of the traditional Christmas songs but I have a few favorites.  One song that was played in my home every Christmas season was the Twelve Days of Christmas.  It didn't take long for me to memorize the words so that I could sing along with the tape.   

When I noticed that Educlips created a set of graphics for each of the twelve "gifts" from the Twelve Days of Christmas song, I was delighted!  I knew I could use to incorporate this well-known Christmas song with a first grade educational activity pack.

The fact that the song has twelve "gifts", made it perfect for my paper dice creation.  I put the first six characters from the song on Dice One.  I put the second six characters on Dice Two.  

The dice are very simple to assemble.  All you need to do is print, cut, fold and tape.  There is a tutorial at the end of this post. 
Once the dice are put together, it's time for the addition activity.   It's best for the kids to work with another classmate.  If the whole class is working on the activity, you'll need to make multiple sets of the dice.  Each pair of children holds one dice.  (One child holds dice 1.  The other child holds dice 2)  While the children are standing, they drop the dice on the floor or carpet.  They observe the numbers that are face up on the dice.  The numbers that are face up are the addends.  They record the addends on the recording sheets.  Then, they solve the addition problem that was created.  They circle the correct sum from the selection provided. 

The largest sum is 18.  The sum is 18 when the 6 GEESE are rolled on Dice 1 along with the12 DRUMMERS on Dice 2.  

Not all first graders are ready to add within 18 by December.  Therefore I've provided an additional recording sheet which will allow for differentiation.  The modified recording sheet is for students that can add within 12 but are not ready to add within 18.  In this instance, pairs of students that are solving problems with sums up to 12 use duplicate copies of DICE 1.  Or, they can use a pair of regular dice that has dots 1 through 6.  The highest sum will be 12.  This will happen when both students drop the dice with 6 GEESE face up or the dice with 6 dots.  The picture below is from the modified recording sheet.   

The dice addition is the only math activity that is in this resource.  There are also printable sheets with the words to the song, Twelve Days of Christmas, noun sorting printable sheets, and a reading passage about birds.  There are more details about the language arts portion of the file.  Click here to go to the next blog post to read about it.

If you are singing the Twelve Days of Christmas song with your class, and are interested in this resource, click the image shown below:

Here's how to prepare the paper dice:

1.  Print the pages.

2.  Cut on the solid lines.

3.  Fold on the broken lines.

4.  Tape a flap with its adjacent surface of dice.

5.  Repeat.  Tape one flap at a time.

6.  Finish taping.  All flaps are concealed within the dice.

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