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Greetings viewers!  I have been busy revising some of my older products which I sell on the Teachers pay Teachers website.  These products have been staring me down, saying, "REVISE ME!  REVISE ME!"  I finally caved and updated eight sets of sight words bingo games.  I couldn't be more happy with the results.

In addition to changing the graphics, I also changed the font style.  The new font causes some of the letters to appear weighted, or grounded.  The letters appear heavier, or thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top.  It is thought that this font style may aide some students with reading more easily.  You can learn more about this font through a link I am providing at the end of this post. 

If you purchased any of these games in the past, you can download the new files from your Teachers pay Teachers My Purchases folder.

The photo below shows what one of the revised bingo cards looks like:

4 of these bingo game sets print with BLACK ink.  Each bingo card prints on a full sheet of paper.  The spaces for the words are large enough for the children to use bingo chips, paint daubers, and other objects for space markers.  This makes them KID-FRIENDLY!  No small spaces for them to have to SQUEEZE a bingo marker/chip inside of! 
There were no changes made to the words in the product revisions.  Each game continues to have 25 unique bingo cards with the same 24 words used.  The words are located in different sections of the bingo grid.  The center space is the free space and has an image of a dog's face.  

I also revised the COLOR ink versions of the games.  Children like COLOR!  These games use minimal color ink.  Print once, laminate, and use them for many years.  The photo below shows one page from each of the 4 bingo games that require color ink.

I use the same words on every card so that there is no doubt that the word I named is on the student boards.  There is no, "Oh, maybe that word is not on my board." scenario.  They know they MUST FIND every word called out.  

When we play bingo, the winner must cover five sections in a row either horizontally or vertically.  I don't recommend having winners with a diagonal line.  In my opinion, lower elementary students don't grasp the spatial concept of a diagonal line in terms of boxes on a grid.  Another reason why I don't use the diagonal line as a winner's row, is that I like to extend the length of time the game.  I want to be able to use several words before a winner is achieved.  If I gave the option for winners to have vertical, horizontal, AND diagonal lines, the game would be over with in no time!  

I also offer bundled discounts of my bingo games.  If you are interested in any of my bingo games, click the product cover to view it at my shop.

I include calling cards with all of my bingo games.  I cut these apart and put them in a bag.  Then a card is pulled from the bag and called out.  The students find that word on their bingo card.  It's also a good idea to write the words on the board as they're called out.  I repeat the procedure with another word card drawn out from the bag.  Because of this random calling out method, students discover that I have no control over who the winner is!  It is a game of chance.  The skill involved is to find and cover the appropriate words!  Here is a sample of what the new calling cards look like:

The font I used in all of these bingo games was purchased the font from Fonts4teachers.  You can view this font and read more about it here: 

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