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Winter Bingo For Children

Winter Days Are Here Again!

I think winter has come two weeks too early in the northeastern United States!  Do you like having a "SNOW DAY" in December?  It's great when you have Christmas shopping to do (when the roads are not icy) or still need to put up those holiday decorations in your own home.  It's not very convenient when there is a practice for an upcoming holiday program that is cancelled when the children need the rehearsal.  I think I prefer having the snow days after the Christmas holiday when there is a need for a break from school. 

One of the science Standards of Learning for first graders in Virginia is to investigate and understand the seasonal changes in our environment.  I listed a few ideas on this topic at the end of this post.

I finished my "Wintry Bingo" games. I think I made them just in time for winter!  They'll come in handy on those days that are too cold to take the children outside for recess.  I created both a black and white version and a color edition.  The game is useful to review winter vocabulary words.  It can be used in conjunction with a winter themed unit for those living in the northeastern United States.  It could also be used to spark interest in learning more about winter at the beginning of a unit on seasons.  Here are a few pictures from the color version of my "Wintry" bingo game.

There are 25 spaces on the bingo card.  An image is positioned in the center space.  The center space is the "Free Space".  24 winter words are used.  All cards have the same, 24 winter vocabulary words.  25 unique bingo cards are included. 

Sometimes it's hard to find bingo chips in local markets.  I ordered mine through eBay.  Pennies and other small objects can be used in place of bingo chips.

The photo shown above is from the black and white version of the game.  A paint dauber is being used instead of bingo chips.  The words used with the black and white version are the same as the color version. 
I used mini erasers as bingo markers in the photo shown above.  They came in a holiday variety pack of 100 at the Dollar Tree.  I  pulled out the snowflakes and kept the holiday themed pieces for my "Santa's" bingo game.  One pack of 100 mini erasers will be enough markers for five students. 
I wanted to use a wintry mix mix of winter words to included the following categories:

1.  Clothing  Worn
2.  Tools Used
3.  Recreational Objects  
4.  Animal Behavior (in response to winter)
5.  Plant Behavior (in response to winter)
6.  Forms of Precipitation  

Winter Words Calling Cards
Cut the calling cards out (shown above), shuffle, and use when the game is in play.

Here are a few discussion ideas about winter:

1. We observe how climate effects plants and animals. - The green grass has turned brown. The leaves on the deciduous trees have fallen off. The robins are flying south (we see less of them than when we observed them in the spring). The squirrels are gathering nuts. The Monarch butterflies have migrated. The crops are harvested. There is no corn growing where the cornfields stood. There are no more fresh tomatoes growing in our gardens. 

2. We discuss sudden and gradual changes. - There is a drop in temperature from arrival at school to departure time - or the reverse. The diminishing leaves on the trees nearby take many weeks to change from green to red and then to a dormancy phase. We have less hours of daylight - it gets darker earlier. 

3. We compare one season with another. We talk about the change in our dress for school from August to December such as wearing shorts when school begins in August to wearing long pants, sweaters, and jackets in December. 

4. We talk about the changes in our own activities. We think about the sports that are played in the summer like baseball and swimming. We compare the sports that are typically indoors during the winter months like basketball and volleyball. We talk about the kinds of tools our parents use in the winter such as shovels and ice scrapers.  We compare those with the things that are used in the summer such as lawnmowers and bug spray.  We discuss the possible reasons why those things are not used during the winter months. 

The possible discussions are almost endless!

If you are interested in purchasing my "WINTRY" Bingo game, click one of the images shown below.

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