Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spell S-A-N-T-A with Peppermint Letters

I wish I would have had the time to post this a bit earlier than now.  Perhaps someone can still use these for a holiday program, Christmas decoration, or other activity.  This is the second freebie in my "Home For the Holidays" promotion.  To get the freebie, scroll down to the bottom of this post.  Update December 2014:  I have changed the green background pages and the cover page. 

Recently I visited a website called   It has tons of fun fonts.  I found one that looks like a candy cane or peppermint stripe.  I used it to make images with large letters that spell the word "SANTA".  I did a little funky editing with the green background achieve the look I wanted.  There are two sets of "SANTA" letters.  One set has a white background and the other set has a green background.  The set with the white background will be a tad more ink-friendly on the printer.  If time is short, the set with the green background doesn't require cutting or mounting the letters.  Below are the directions and photos of the project.

METHOD 1  White Background Letter Set:

1.  Print the five pages to spell "SANTA".

2.  Cut out the letters.

3.  Adhere one letter on one piece of green construction paper or other specialty paper.

4.  Repeat step 3 for each of the remaining letters. 

5.  Laminate if desired.

Print the desired letters. (Method 1)

Cut the letters out. (Method 1)
This is how the letters appear after they are cut out.
Mount the letters on green construction paper or on specialty paper. (Method 1)
METHOD 2  Green Background Letter Set:

1.  Print the five pages to spell "SANTA".

2.  Laminate if desired.

Now you have "S-A-N-T-A" letter cards for the children to hold during your holiday program!  It's a good idea to mark the back of the letter cards with adhesive dots.  Put one dot on each side.  This helps the child know where to position his/her thumbs when holding the cards.

These are the letters with the green background built in to the page: 
Each of the letters above prints on a full size sheet of paper.

To get this freebie click on the words, "We Can Spell Santa!".

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