Thursday, November 28, 2013

Subtraction "Home For the Holidays" Freebie

Hello viewers,

I hope you had a great week at school albeit a short one.  I am home for the holidays and plan on enjoying some turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and a slice (or two) of pumpkin pie.  It's nice to have a few days off to recharge my "batteries" and get a few things done that I have been neglected recently . . . like dusting.  Yeah!  One thing I will pass on is the maddening "Black Friday" sales that are now more like a "Black Thursday" sale.

Here is a subtraction freebie I made for you and your students.  I call them "subtraction function tables".  Students subtract horizontally and vertically.  This is intended as a mental subtraction exercise to build subtraction fluency.  (There are no equals of minus signs.)

They can be laminated and a dry/erase marker can be used to write and wipe the answers and the same can be done with sheet protectors.  I prefer that the focus is on the mental math aspect of the activity so we use the numeral cards with Velcro fasteners.  This method allows the children to focus just on the math and not on numeral formation.  It's a bit more self-checking when the correct numerals are presented for the students.  Ashley Hughes made the graphics that I used for this center.  I love her artistic flair!  Visit her Teachers pay Teachers store at Ashley Hughes.
Here's a shot of the finished product.

There is a student response sheet so the center work can be documented.
Print each of the sheet and laminate.  Then add the Velcro coins.  No cutting! 
1.  Print, cut, laminate, and cut again.  2.  Put Velcro coins on the backs of each.

Here's an answer key so students can check their own work. The letters in the top left corner of each function table correspond with the card names . . . "A, B, C, D, E, and F".

Happy Holidays!
Click on the picture above to get this freebie.

Check back here again soon for more "Home For The Holidays" freebies!  The pretty frame shown above was made by Krista Walden.  Visit her TpT store at:  Krista Wallden

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