Saturday, November 23, 2013

Santa's Bingo

Are you planning a holiday event for your classroom before the winter break?  If so, this might interest you!

I've seen some teachers collaborate with each other when organizing their special holiday events.  Within a grade level, each teacher plans one craft, snack, or game.  The children rotate from one classroom to another during their party.  Each teacher is responsible for just one activity and he/she repeats the activity for each group of children within the grade level.  This is a great way to make less work for everyone involved during this busy time of the year.  It also gives the children a chance to visit other classrooms and it's fun for the kids.  Bingo games are an easy, no-mess, activity that could be used for this purpose.

I started creating bingo games a few years ago.  Students seem to enjoy them!  I begin by making a list of words and phrases related to a topic.  In this post, I have used my Santa's bingo game.  I wanted the game to be practical for a variety of school situations.  Plus, they needed to have educational value.  This caused me to narrow my choices of words a bit.  Once I generated my word list, I create the bingo games.   

The black and white option is great for immediate use.  The words could also be cut out by the children and used for word sorts after playing the game.  (See the end of this post for the word sort ideas.)  The children can color the pictures with the black and white Bingo.   Click on the image to view it at my shop.

The color version of this game could be laminated for lasting use year after year.  Click on the image below to see it at my shop.

Below are a few more pictures of the Santa's Bingo games I created.

There are 25 unique bingo cards.  Each bingo card uses the same 24 words.  The center space is the "free" space.  It has a Christmas themed graphic.
The bingo cards print on a full sheet of paper. (8 1/2 X 11)  The card shown above is from the version that requires color ink.
Students can mark words on their bingo cards with paint daubers, bingo chips, math cubes, or anything else that can fit within the squares.

Erasers were used as markers in the photo above.  You can find inexpensive seasonal mini erasers (they're a tad smaller than the ones in the photo) at the Dollar Tree!  It's a pack of 100 erasers for $1.00.  If you have 20 students, you'll need about 5 packs.

I used common nouns and proper nouns with the words in this Bingo game.  Both singular form and plural form nouns are used.  There are two adjectives (red & green).  Here are a few sorting ideas that could be used:

Singular Nouns                    Plural Nouns                     Not Nouns

tinsel                                            elves                                        green
tree                                              stockings                                  red
ornament                                     carols                 
Christmas                                    candles
December                                    gifts
Santa                                            toys
sleigh                                            bells
holiday                                          lights
North Pole
candy cane

For the sort shown above:  "North Pole" and "candy cane" are paired words on the Bingo game.  These could be crossed out and not included in the sort.  To simplify further, the adjectives could be thrown out.

Common Nouns                      Proper Nouns                  

tinsel                                                Christmas
holiday                                             Santa
sleigh                                                December
lights                                                 North Pole
candy cane

For the sort shown above:  The adjectives were thrown out.

1 Syllable                    2 Syllables                    3 Syllables

sleigh                                Christmas                         holiday
red                                     tinsel                                 ornament
tree                                    carols                                December
elves                                  Santa
green                                 garland
bells                                   reindeer
wreath                              candles
star                                    stockings

For the sort shown above: The adjectives were thrown out as well as the paired words "candy cane" and "North Pole".

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