Sunday, August 18, 2013

Writing-Prompt-Once-In-A-Blue-Moon-I . . .

We're going to have a "Blue Moon" this week!  It's scheduled for Wednesday, August 21st.  The Earth's moon does not really change to a blue color during the "Blue Moon".  The term is used to describe the second full moon in a single solar calendar month.  This happens about once every two or three years so it is a rare happening.  Hence the idiom, "Once in a blue moon" started to be used in the English language. 

The coming of a "Blue Moon" gives teachers a chance to create a fun writing prompt for students.  Here's are some sample student exemplars:

I used a solid black line for the headline and baseline.  I used broken lines for the mid-line.
I used a solid green line for the baseline and a solid blue line for the headline.  I used broken lines for the mid-line.  In the younger grades, we call the baseline the "floor" and the headline the "ceiling".

This activity sheet is for students that are preliterate with writing.  They can draw pictures and dictate words or a sentence to an adult.  Having the children create a pictorial representation is helpful in developing the concept of the words "often" and "rarely".  This should only be done after a classroom discussion about frequent and rare activities has taken place.

Click on this link to get the free writing prompt packet:  Writing_Prompt_Once_In_A_Blue_Moon_I

If you wish to show the images above with your students on the SMART board, click on this link:  SMART_Notebook_Writing Prompt_Once_In_A_Blue_Moon

Here is a fun food activity you can do in school this week with the "Blue Moon" celebration.  You will need to get the following ingredients shown below.  The blue food crystals are optional.  In addition to the ingredients, you will need to get plates and plastic knives.  Check for students with food allergies before doing this.  Remember that nuts, dairy, wheat, etc. . . can be hidden in funny places.

Banana Moon Pies, Vanilla Frosting, Blue Food Coloring, OPTIONAL:  Blue Food Crystals

Open the frosting and the blue food coloring.
Drop some blue food coloring in the vanilla frosting.
Stir the food coloring into the frosting with a plastic knife.  Add more blue food coloring if you wish for a darker shade of blue.
Once the desired shade of blue is achieved, you are ready to spread the frosting on to the Moon Pies.
Open the Banana Moon Pies
Begin spreading the frosting on the Moon Pies.  Older students can do this themselves with plastic knives.
Here are the frosted Banana Moon Pies.  We turned our yellow moons blue!
Can you incorporate a quick review of halves with your students?
Or a review of quarters?
Here's what one looks like with the blue food crystals.

Peek their curiosity about the moon's phases with this fun and yummy activity.

Once in a blue moon I . . .  take a ride in my starship.  Zoom!  Zoom!

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  1. This is adorable!! Thanks for posting. :)

  2. I am so doing this blue moon activity! Thank you!

    1. Karen,

      I'm so glad you are up for trying the blue moon activity! I hope your students have fun with it.