Thursday, August 1, 2013

Puzzle Assembly Directions

Get these two piece puzzles from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I updated this design in August of 2013.  Get the updated puzzles with this link:

Below are directions that can be used to make the two piece puzzles.  There are two methods.  The first method requires the use of heavy card-stock with no lamination.  The second method requires the use of lamination with thick film. 

Method 1 - Without Lamination:

Step 1: Print the puzzles on heavy card-stock.

Step 2: Cut on the outer lines.

Step 3:  Cut through the center line which will create the puzzle.
Method 2 - With Lamination:

Complete Steps 1 & 2 from the directions above.  (If you are planning to laminate with the thick film, you can print the sheets on plain paper.)  Do NOT complete step 3 from the "Without Lamination" method.  Continue by following the picture-directions below.

Laminate the half-sheet puzzles using 5 mil pouches.  (I recommend using the GBC HeatSeal Longlife Laminating pouches.  Make sure the laminating machine you plan to use is compatible with this type of film before purchasing.)

The puzzles will look like the picture above when the lamination process is finished.

Cut on the outer lines of the puzzle.  This is the solid, green, outer line from the picture shown.  (This step is done twice - once before laminating and once after laminating.

Cut though the center line.  You are cutting through a laminated puzzle.  IMPORTANT!  Do no trim.  Doing so will cause your puzzle to become misaligned.

The puzzle is now in two pieces.  Each piece will have its own 4 corners.  Make a slight snip in each of the corners.  This is a total of eight snips per puzzle.  This causes your puzzles to have slanted corners.  The thick laminating film causes corners to become sharp.  This method ensures that your students will have great puzzles to work with.  What child wants to prick himself/herself on a puzzle corner?

The 6 blue arrows show the locations of where the 8 small snips are made.  This will give the appearance of a small "v" at the top center of the puzzle and an inverted "v" at the bottom center of the puzzle.  This is a much more "Kid-Friendly" method of making the puzzles! 

In addition to the farm animal adult and baby puzzles, I also created a Number to Numeral puzzle set .  Below is a picture of the Number to Numeral puzzle set.  I updated it in July 2014 to include the number ten which is not shown in the picture below.

I included a black and white version along with the color sheets within this file.  You could use the black and white version to create family take-home packs for your students to practice the standard at home.  This file supports Common Core State Standards CCSS Math Content.K.CC.B.4 and CCSS Math.Content K.CC.B.5.  Here is a link to the product:  Two_Piece_Puzzles_Number_To_Numeral_Match ups_Farm Animals  
I also made a picture to word set.  Below is a picture of the picture to word set.  I updated this set as well to include a mouse.  Mice are NOT a farm animals.  They're pests!  Although they exist on farms.  That's why cats are handy on a farm . . . . they help control the mice population.
The following sellers helped make these products turn out well.  Visit their stores with the links provided below:

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