Monday, August 19, 2013

Educational Calendar Display Set

I am excited to tell you about a few of my newest products which are available at my Teachers pay Teachers store.  They are calendar display sets.  

I designed these for educators that have limited wall space in their classrooms.  The display shown in the photo below will fit on a 48 inches wide x 36 inches tall bulletin board.  (120 1/2 cm x 90 cm)  If you space is larger, you'll have room to add your own calendar specials.  The measurements for the numeral cards are included in the product description.  

The image below is large but it was the best was to show the items that are included with the set.
Click on the image above to view this teaching resource at my shop.

There are two calendar sets available.  One set is decorated with cute little bluebirds and the other set has adorable panda bears.  

Each calendar display includes TWELVE sets of numeral cards!  This way, the children can look forward to each new month with a new set of numeral cards. 

The numerals 1-31 are printed on each set of numeral cards.  There is a different theme for each month.  The  photos below show some of the bluebird monthly sets.  Three sheets of paper will print one month's worth of cards.  There are also some blank cards for each month.  Use the blank cards to write in special days or events.  There are inner-borders on the numeral cards.  A different color border is used for each of the twelve sets of numeral cards.

The photo below is a close up of the bluebird numeral cards for the month of December. All the graphics used are the original artwork of Cheryl Seslar at Raggedy ScrappinThe numeral font is from Fonts4Teachers.  

I have included headers for each month of the year.  If you'd like, list all the months on your calendar display, or show just the header for your current month.  The border colors for the months of the year match the borders for the numeral cards for each month.
Printers vary in their print outcomes.  Therefore I have included a link for a color swatch test for the border colors. If you'd like, download the image below and print it to see how the colors will look when you print from your own printer or school printer.  This will also provide you with the exact measurements of the numeral squares for the calendars.
Border Color Swatch Test
There are headers for the days of the week, seasons of the year, and the year itself.  "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" headers are also part of this file.  I chose to design these horizontally in the same manner as how a sentence would be written.  There are cards for each day of the week.  These will fit between the phrases and the period at the end of the sentence on the header.


There are six picture/word weather cards. I kept these simple. The weather cards are for: sunny, snowy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, and one picture that shows both sunny and cloudy. There is a placeholder that the weather cards can be fastened on when they not in use.  The placeholder can be stapled to the bulletin board that you use for your calendar display.

I've also included a calendar chart(You will need to find a local printing company to print it.)  The spaces for the numeral cards on the chart are sized for the numeral cards in this set.  If you'd like to learn how to create your own chart, or if you'd like a FREE blank calendar display chart, view the post here.  Go to the end of the post and click on the final image.  
Teaching Tips: 

1.  Defining your local weather as "Partly Cloudy", "Partly Sunny", "Mostly Cloudy", "Mostly Sunny" and so on, are confusing terms for young children to comprehend.  Consider using the phrase, "Sunny and Cloudy" to describe such a day.

2.  Monthly student weather graphs can be a great activity for your students to practice recording data with.  But what happens after the students record the weather for the day and the weather changes?  Establish a set time for recording the weather each day.  Tell students, "We are recording the weather at 1:00 p.m.  Our record reflects the what the weather was like at this time of the day." (Or whatever the designated time.)

Common Misconceptions Children Have About Weather:

1.  The day's weather must have just one attribute.  (Wrong!  The weather can be sunny, snowy, and cold - all in one instant.  Weather can be measured by its precipitation, temperature, wind, humidity, and more.)

2.  The weather is constant in a given day.   (Wrong!  The weather is in a state of flux.)

3.  If it's a sunny day it must also be a hot day.  (Wrong!  It can be both sunny and cold or cloudy and warm.)

4.  We have snow only in the winter.  (Wrong!  Snow can come throughout the seasons depending on your location on the planet.)

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