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Crayon Colors Bingo Game Freebie

UPDATE JULY 31, 2017:  The crayon colors bingo game is "Released".

On my previous post I went into detail about strategies parents and teachers can use to make purchasing school supplies an easier task when preparing to go back to school.  This prompted me to create a FREE bingo game based on crayon colors.  This is a fun game that you can play with your class at the beginning of the school year. Children are often curious about the names of the crayons on the labels of individual crayons. I hope this bingo activity will satisfy their curiosity.  I created this bingo file based on common colors used on the crayons children bring to school at the beginning of the year!  There are 25 unique cards in all.  Please note that the Crayon Colors Bingo PDF file is only be available through the month of August.  Then, it's locked away until the following August.  August 2017 may be the last year that it's available.  Download it now and save it to your own computer.  Don't forget to scroll to the end of this post for a SMART Notebook freebie file.

Click on the image below to get the file.

In addition to creating the crayon bingo sheets for the children, I also created a SMART Notebook file so the educator can display the bingo game on the SMART board as the students use their individual sheets.  I used the shape tool to create the virtual transparent bingo chips.

Click on the NEXT image shown below to get the SMART Notebook version of the crayon colors bingo game.  Drag the virtual bingo chips over a word when you play the game. 

I thought I would share with you some of the things that go into the design process of my bingo games.  The photos below are a few years old.  I have revised the games shown with other graphics.  You can see the current appearance of the games through a blog post HERE. 

1.  The most important factor in my product design is that all students have the same words on their bingo sheets.  The words are positioned in different locations.  The students are told that every word that is called out is on their own sheet.  This element of the design reduces student errors because they know they must find EVERY word named.  They know ahead of time - all sheets have every word/image.

2.  Each space is large enough for a paint dabber, bingo chip, math cube, or novelty toy/eraser.  This way, the children can easily place the objects on their bingo sheets.  This provides teachers with the flexibility to use the objects or items available in their own classrooms. 

Paint daubers are fun, fun, fun with for children to use with consumable Bingo games.
The word spaces are large enough to be covered with paint daubers, bingo chip, and a variety of math counters.

We are using small, novelty erasers to mark the words called out in this game.
3.  I use the same templates to create all of my bingo game products.  Some of the bingo games have five spaces across and five spaces down.  This provides a total of twenty-five spaces to insert words or images.  The center space is usually assigned as the "Free Space" so there are actually just twenty-four spaces instead of twenty five.  (For some reason, kids always like having a free space!)  I believe that 24-25 words or images is the limit for most lower elementary children to view at once.  The other templates that I use include a total of 16 spaces or 9 spaces.  The 9 space bingo cards work will with preschoolers and some special needs children.

4.  The bingo sheets print on full sized sheets of paper.  Just print and you're ready to go!

5.  I create "Calling Cards" with my bingo games.  The teacher can involve the whole class in the game with the calling cars.  Cut the cards apart, shuffle, and stick them in a bag.  Take turns having the children pull a card out of the bag and read the word during the duration of the game.  If you don't have time to cut apart calling cards, use one of the student bingo sheets and read the words from left to right.

6.  I create both BLACK ink and COLOR ink options for many of my games.  This way, buyers can choose to purchase the games that suit their needs.  The BLACK ink editions are great to use as a consumable.  You could use paint daubers with these and the sheets can be sent home at the end of the day for families to see.  The color editions can be used in the same manner or laminated for long lasting use.  (The Crayon Color Bingo game is only available as a black & white printable.)

Tip for Playing Bingo with Young Children:

When using bingo games with young children, the rule should be five across or five down to win the BINGO.  Permitting winners by a diagonal line usually creates confusion for young children and should be introduced when students are in upper elementary rather than lower elementary.  

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