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Farm Animal Mother and Baby Puzzle Match-ups_Happy Mother's Day!

August 1, 2013 UPDATE:  I have revised the Farm Animal puzzle freebie listed in this post.  I believe this is an improved design.  View the directions and design after the "Happy Mother's Day" greeting from May 2013.  Enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!  Today is a perfect day to talk with our mothers and tell them how much we treasure them.  If you are an early childhood teacher, it's likely you've also been called "mom", "mum", or "mommy" by several of your students at some point during the school year. I love to see the reaction on the child's face when he realizes that he misspoke! Early childhood educators are so nurturing a breed it stands to reason that children will associate their teacher with their mother. 
Happy Mother's Day!
Let me tell you about the freebie I have a for you!  I thought it was perfect for a spring gift for early childhood teachers to give their little ones.  But . . . you don't have to be a teacher to get the file.

I've created  "Mother and Child" match-ups.  They work as puzzles for preschoolers to put together.  They're also suitable for kindergartners.  The children match the adult farm animal with the baby.  There are a total of nine puzzles but you'll have eighteen pieces in all.  You will need to print these on heavy card-stock or follow my specific lamination method at the end of the last image in this post.  Here is the method to use with heavy card-stock.  1.  Print the puzzles.  2.  Cut on the solid outer line.  3.  Then cut through the center line to create the puzzle.  IMPORTANT!  Do not re-trim as this will cause misaligned puzzle pieces. 

Print the sheets on heavy card-stock paper.

Cut on the outside colored lines.

Cut on the inside center lines.  Do not re-trim!

These puzzles are cute and perfect for Easter!  Best of all, they're FREE!  Stuff them in your child's Easter basket or give them out to your pre-kinders and kinders as a spring gift.
Happy Spring!  Happy Easter!  Happy Teacher!  Happy Kids!
Teacher Scrapbook gets the credit for the adorable farm animals in this product. She has a set of adult farm animals and another set of baby farm animals. I couldn't resist getting both sets to create some printable resources with. To see more beautiful things she creates, visit her store at: 

Get this FREEBIE by clicking on the image shown below.  Read on for the lamination method.

Lamination Method:  Follow steps 1 and 2 from above.  Then laminate.  Then follow step 2 from above again.  Finally, follow step 3.   Important!  Do not do step three until lamination is complete.

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