Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seasonal Primary Grades Writing Prompts Freebie

Happy Holidays!

We are busy listening to holiday themed stories and writing sentences using the seasonal prompts provided by Grade One Fun.  I'm finding more and more ways to connect children's stories with writing activities. 
Recently, I read the book titled, Hurry Santa! by Julie Sykes.  In the story, Santa has overslept and is late delivering toys to girls and boys everywhere.  Animals exhort Santa to press on.  It's almost Christmas morning and Santa has finished just in the "Nick" of time.  There's one present left in Santa's bag.  It's a gift for Santa from the animals.  They have selected a thoughtful gift and one  Santa can use.  It's an alarm clock!

After the read and discussion about thoughtful gifts, we used one of the journal prompts created by Grade One Snapshots  "If you could give Santa any gift, what would you give him?  Why?"  Below you'll see some sample writings which I colored and created myself.  Your students are likely to come up with much cuter ideas than mine.

Grade One Snapshots used graphics from mycutegraphics.com.   They're adorable and so easy for children to color!  The writing lines on these journal prompts are a perfect size for beginning writers to use.  Some of the prompts relate to Santa and will be great this week before students have their winter vacation.  There are also some prompts related to snow.  These will be great for January when returning to school after the holidays.  Hopefully, we'll see some of the white stuff in 2013!  I especiallly like the prompt that gets children thinking about caring for others.  In that writing experience, a  situation about a child that lacks something the other children have is presented.  The students are asked to write what they would do.  You can get all the writing prompts created by Grade One Snapshots at TeacherspayTeachers by clicking on the word HERE.

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