Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election 2012 Obama and Romney Graphing Actiivty

Update June 2004!  Election Day has passed so I have deleted this file.  The link will not work.  However, if for some reason you really want this, add a comment to this post requesting that I add the link again.  Thank you! 

I've just uploaded another Election Day themed product to my Teachers pay Teachers store.  It's a free graphing activity.  Create a simple picture graph with your students using photos of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  Each student selects the photo of the candidate of his or her choice and mounts it on the picture graph.  Use a large piece of paper, construction paper or bulletin board paper for the graph.  Then children can answer questions by referring to the data collected on the graph.  This packet includes photos of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  (I edited these so they're black and white.)  I've also included a ballot that's super easy for young children.  The bottom half of the ballot sheet has questions that can be used after the graph is created.  Click here to get the file.  Here's a photo of what the graph might look like depending on your class size.  Pardon the crooked line in the middle.  Scroll down to see the other Election themed freebie I posted a few hours ago.

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