Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election Day 2012! Who Will Be The United States President for the Next Four Years?

Election Day is almost here! Will it be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Based on what I've been hearing the two candidates are neck and neck.  We're going to have a close election.  Get out and vote!

I have just uploaded another SMART board file at my Teachers pay Teachers store.  It's here just in time for November 6th and it's free!  There are two activities. The first one is a sorting activity which uses a Venn diagram. One side of the slide is for characteristics that describe Barack Obama and the other is side of the slide for Mitt Romney's attributes. Students or the teacher reads the phrases and determines which candidate fits the phrase. In some situations, both candidates will possess the characteristic described. There is an answer key for the first activity. It is assumed that the students will have some background knowledge about the candidates prior to completing the Venn diagram activity.

The second activity is on the last slide. Have a secret mock election and collect the data from it.  Then record the results using the horizontal graph. Use the paint bucket feature and drop paint into each rectangle to represent one vote per student. Then write the totals for each candidate. Ask students to find the difference between the number of votes for each candidate.  Here are a few pictures:

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