Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Bingo

Greetings everyone!

From time to time I enter sweepstakes and contests online.  Usually I don't win anything but I still keep trying.  A few weeks ago I found a clip art website called Primsicalresale.  They were promoting their business with a monthly drawing.  Last month the winner was going to get some Halloween themed clip art created by Cheryl Seslar.  I entered the contest.  Guess what?  I won!  I used the line art to make the newest addition to my Bingo games collection.  The color clip art is just for the cover page which you'll see at my store.  I love creating Bingo games!  I call this rendition "Spooky" Bingo -  but it's not too scary.  I made one set instead of both a color and black and white version.  I targeted singular and plural nouns for the bulk of the words on the Bingo game.  The teacher could review nouns after playing Bingo.  I included a few adjectives and one interjection.  Here are two of the sheets from the packet.  (You get 25 different sheets so you have enough for the whole class.)  I've also listed a few follow-up activities to use after playing the game.
               Circle the plural nouns and draw lines below the proper nouns.   Use the Bingo sheets as a word bank for a creative writing activity.
 Here are some of the links to the Common Core skills you could review after playing "Spooky Bingo".  Kindergarten, First Grade, First Grade.  It's on sale until November 1st!  Click here to go get it.  Happy "Trick of Treating"!

Use Bingo chips, dabbers, or small candy to cover words when playing.
Primsicalresale is still giving having monthly drawings so head on over their and enter. 

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